Legendary Weapon - Bestial Claw

Bestial Claw - can’t be modified , as far as I’m know its only weapon with can’t be modified with weapons modes … Is this intended or Bug ?

Playing on Official PVE-C1214 …

Its been brought up forever. From what I gather its more of an oversight. Supposedly it stems from the temporary item not being able to be modified. And since its just a copy of that the permanent one cant be either.

It is rather annoying - I fell in love with these things when I first came across them, but miss being unable to modify them.

Pretty sure it’s intended as you use to at the very least poison them and that was removed.

They got nerfed intentionally. I made a video of the nerfs.

Damage got reduced. Stamina usage nerfed. You are unable to apply any poison or weapon oils.

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