Bestial Claws Question

I’ve been reading on these forums how some people think bestial claws are Op and need to be nerfed. I just got a pair today and tried them out. Granted, I tried them in PvE and not PvP, but I fail to see why they are OP. Can someone please enlighten me?

They are incredibly OP in PvP. That’s what everyone is referring to. You run fast with them, you attack even faster. Add poison and you can stack it up insanely quick.

To give some perspective, they made the claws you craft at the Jhebbal altar only last minutes because of how powerful they were. So they added claws with much higher damage and made them permanent…


From what I hear, once you cut through the hyperbole (of which there’s always a lot), the only real problem seems to be the near-infinite faster-than-sprint running they provide. Which indeed ought to be fixed, at least on the permanent ones (though it’d probably apply to all claw weapons since its tied to the moveset).

In PvE they’re pretty worthless as it is, so “meh”.

What kind of poison? The only poison of which I am aware that can be applied to weapons is reaper potion. That’s only one stack and you need to drag it from inventory to re-apply it, which is really slow and clumsy.

reaper or queen scorpion

try em with 40 strength and u may change ur mind… these things r so fast that u 3 hit kill almost all npcs before they even move… (save boss creatures)…

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I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but I’ve tested the speed and stamina drain over a long course with both bestial claws and a one-handed weapons. There was no appreciable difference in either the time difference or stamina drain.

Howver, I will admit that it “looks” faster.

I don’t know what NPCs you’re referring to, but skeletons in the Unnamed City require a lot more than 3 hits even at 40 STR.

From what I can see (and one again, i haven’t tested these in PvP) insofar as bestial claws are concerned, there’s much ado about nothing. I still greatly prefer venom-infused daggers for anything other than the Unnamed City (you can’t bleed or poison skeletons).

lets say jebhal dungeon or cimmerians…

i am an axe guy (love the axe more than anything else) but these give u a unique playstyle…

for skellies i prefer the 2h sword … since they stopped being stunned…

The Claws can kill anyone that is a 5/10 or lower in skill level. if you know how to PvP, you can counter the claws with ease. infact it is useless to use claws in real combat.
Claws do well vs those that flee for their lifes, which really means, running is no longer your hope. which is nice, because cowards run all the time. and now you can kill those cowards.
Even then, if you know how to run you can make claws STILL useless.

So no, Claws are not OP. never have been OP. and are only OP to those that have no idea how to PvP.

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Lol you say people calling them OP don’t know how to PvP yet you haven’t even realized why we think it’s OP

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