Funcom - a new belance required! is it planned to happen?

Daggers and Claws, with this healing system, need an absolute nerf. I cannot understand why some people are complaining about people asking for a nerf. Which kind of skills you need if you active the lock and you just spam L1 ? You have no good time to healing with animation; maybe you can survive 1vs1, maybe 2v1 … but 3vs1 you’re 100% dead.
I play this game since 3 years and i love all the job you did ( very slow to fix problems but they did at the end), but now there is a nerf required to belance this game finally totally!
This game is almost perfect, i hope you will listen the feedback about it , but this nerf is impossible to avoid.

Wait are you really suggesting a nerf based on the fact that if you face 3 opponents you can’t survive? I’m guessing you’re talking about 3 other players not 3 NPC’s.

You should duel to the death in 1v1, in 2v1 you should only win if you are skilled or kitted better then the 2 and in a 3v1 you should most certainly die.

Balancing so that a single player can win a fight against a higher number of enemy players is not balance it’s the opposite.

Siptah does not need to be nerfed in any way it needs to be understood. The balance is there you just have to understand it.

Daggers do need a pass but not a nerf pass the first light attack misses 80 - 90% of the time and some hit boxes are virtually unreachable with daggers. The wolf men are a good example of a hit box that is hard to impossible to reach with daggers.


I agree with wak, buff daggers :smiling_imp:


Oh, not this again. I got tired of this not even one quarter of the way through that ungodly thread in General Discussion. Utterly reeked of PvP elitism, anti-PvE sentiments, and unwarranted self-importance :roll_eyes:

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@Effemme94 3v1… if you’re coming out of that without losing, tell me how. Because that shouldn’t be happening.

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So you’re saying that that pve knife fighters have to suffer because a few people in the smaller pvp community are screaming to nerf the current flavour of the month weapon? As soon as Funcom nerfs daggers and claws, the pvp community will move to the new ‘go to’ weapon and the cycle will repeat. Learn to pick your battles in pvp, you’ll live longer.


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