Derketo Priests Wearing Derketo Dancer Armor?

While farming Derketo Priests / T4s on a dedicated server as well as single-player, I noticed the priests were all wearing Derketo Dancer armor and not the Derketo Acolyte armor. Is this normal? All of the images I have seen of the named Derketo T4s in the official wiki show them wearing the Acolyte armor. Was this a recent change or is it a bug?

I dont know but suport al forms of variation on the crafter thralls armor, atleast untill we are able to change them oureself!

From my experience farming tier 4 derketo priests On official server on pc, they randomly spawning with the actually derketo religion outfit and not zamorian dancer outfit.
This is goes for archpriests (tier 3)
I was able to found 10 total archpriests and only 4 of them had the actually derketo religion outfit, the rest had the zamorian dancer outfit. (Not to mention, I only got male priests with the derketo outfit and not female, which has very unique outfit with the derketo set and not zamorian dancer.
The tier 4 I caught were in derketo outfit tho.
I caught 3 and they all been with the derketo outfit so seems it goes only for tier 1-3.
Derketo priests are the hardest to find in exile land, only 2 spots in entire map and they barealy spawning there.
After more then 2 years of thralls farming I was able to only find only 2/5 of the diffrent tier 4 derketo priests that in game, and 10 archepriests, most of them males and only 2 with the actually derketo set and not zamorian dancer. This is really hard to get them in my opinion. It wont let me complete my full thrall collection in game.

Mhm as open to variation as I am there is indeed some issues with derketo priests , one of my named priest on exiles land went to a smelter convention with last patch :

She finally decided to stop praying and learn the riddle of steel😉

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A nice, hope they ad more random locks and even (partly) nude optopns so we can have the fun to go around to find the good locking crafters we like to have at home.

Even is just that armor is the standard boring lvl 1 starter armor type.

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