Stygian Armorer III from The Den location?

Does anyone have the spawn location for the Stygian armorer lll in the den? This armorer as only that thrall can craft the derketo dancer armor or so i have been told.

I don’t know if there is a thrall that can craft the Derketo. I do know it can be crafted on the shrine. I think level 3 shrine.

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Not only the blouse, but also other pieces of the Derketo Dancer outfit, which use the same models as the Derketo Acolyte and Stygian Noble pieces (but different crafting materials).

I haven’t tried a T3 Armorer to make that, as I was lucky enough to find a Zoara of the Marshes pretty early on my forays into Sepermeru.

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Is the outfit the same as what you get off the shrine and the icon just wrong or does it look like the setite top once crafted?

Any armorer that makes the zamorian dancer stuff??

Yes. Any Zamorian T3 and T4 armourer can craft the Zamorian Dancer armour. There isn’t an exceptional, flawess and epic version of it.

The Derketo dancer outfit was what i was looking for i can craft the Acolyte outfit but our clan follows Derketo and wanted the dancer outfit also. So thanks very much.

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On the armor page you see both versions:

And at least in the wiki both look the same.

I would bet it’s a mistake and shouldn’t look like that. :thinking:

Derketo dancers wearing set tops is the ultimate blasphemy lol it’s just funny at this point

Why ? Derketo is Set’s wife in the Stygian pantheon.

Make sense then cause my wife does raid my closet from time to time.


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