Derketo Dancer Outfit, How to acquire recipe on PS4

Hello, First Time Poster.

I play the game on the PS4.

I’m not sure where to post this, so I posted here.

I’m wondering how I can acquire the recipe for Derketo Dancer Armor.

I read online that I need a T3 Stygian Armorer Thrall.

I acquired one, but I did not see the armor recipe anywhere.

Some information that can point me in the right direction would greatly be appreciated.

You may need a Derketo Shrine at least T2;

Pleasure Dome of Derketo.

Certain armors only show up when the proper shrine has been built and some gear you can craft at the shrine as well.

Thank you for replying.

I have built the pleasure dome and made the Derketo Acolyte Armor, but still the armorer does not show the Dancer recipe.

As far as i know, Stygian armorer III (at least the one i tested) can craft Derketo dancer outfit. So try to catch one. Also that armorer can make stygian noble (easier version of setite armor)

Thank you for responding.

I have acquired a Stygian Armorer III.

Is it a bug?

I’m worried.

Well if it still isn’t showing up try catching;

Master Armorer Tulos


Saken Bristlebeard

During the Purge if you’re lucky enough to find them or keep on capturing Armorers until the recipe shows up but yeah it could be a bug too. Only way to know for sure is to keep trying.

Thank you.

I guess I’ll do that.

Only Stygian Armorer III from The Den can craft it.
The outfit itself is just a reskin of Set religious armor and normal dancer outfit.

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Thank you for the information.

I think I’m gonna give up on the outfit until it is better looking.

I’m reasonably sure that Zoara of the Marshes (who can be found in Sepermeru) can also craft that outfit - but as @syx said, it’s just a combination of Setite and Zamoran dancer outfit models.

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