Derketo Religion Teacher

Just a question why does the Derketo Religion trainer not wear Derketo Priest gear?


Well y’know, she doesn’t want to be seen as one of those stuffy old-school priestesses, she can relate to the youth of today. She knows all the hip slang, she wears jeans to church, and she’s even been known to turn a chair around and sit on it backwards.

…Okay yeah no I’ve wondered that myself.


What I’ve wondered is why none of the Lemurians wear the Lemurian outfits even though they drop pieces of them in the inventory when killed. I mean the Cimmerians at the Mounds wear their faction’s armor and the inhabitants of New Asagarth, wear Vanir. Just seems like a missed opportunity to me.


Indeed. At least they drop pieces of Lemurian armor now, but the Faction has a feeling of a rush job. Aesthetically, they’re just like better-equipped Exiles, and at initial release, their drop table was copy-pasted from the Black Hand (so they dropped Black Hand shanties and directions to a treasure chest near the Black Galleon).

Replacing their graphical models with dudes wearing actual Lemurian outfits shouldn’t be really difficult.

Of course, it stands to reason that the “fraction of a fraction of a fraction” of this refugee nation, living in the swampy jungle, don’t wear their silks on guard duty or while sitting around campfires, so having “vanilla” armor makes sense from a practical perspective. Naturally, this would mean that they shouldn’t drop Lemurian armor pieces either.

But wouldn’t their high priestess wear something other than rags of Skelos? I mean, sure, it’s possible that she leans towards the “goddess of the dead” aspect rather than the “yay let’s party and copulate wildly!” side, but hey, how about that Derketo skull mask?


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