Bug? False Religion preferences? Or dev laziness?

So Yakira, Priestess of Derketo doesn’t wear the Derketo acolyte or Derketo Dancer outfits, but the Skelos robes?

While I’m on the topic of derketo clothing. Why tf does the derketo dancer top and bottoms not have their own models? The top is exactly the same thing as the set top. Derketo has cats, nots snakes that’s set. The bottoms are the zamorian dancer.

What gives?

Modders have fixed this easily on PC, why not just pay one of em for the assets and release it as a hotfix? PC players get everything…

(Before you open your mouth "PC master race blah blah just stfu)



I wasn’t telling everyone to shut up.

I was talking to people like this.

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Tell that to tarshanna who mods Skyrim for Xbox and PC. Oh and Bethesda bought a few such mods.

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I didn’t say TESO

TESO was a huge disappointment.

I was specifically reffering you saying


If you knew anything about coding, or more specifically as the current topic is on, modding, it’s not anything like what you are suggesting.

This part I agree with.

But this part I agree with for an entirely different reason and you are actually making my case, not breaking it.

The idea behind mods, if you follow Bethesda, was to allow players to improve their game. Again reffering to

Made ridiculously beautiful graphics mods. Pushing Skyrim way past what it was on release.

This is entirely untrue. Verified modders, including those who have actually been hired to work on TES6 as well as the recent Skyrim official DLC, which was released a few days ago completely prove your statement false.

Granted you’ll find mods that are unstable, and if you are new to modding and don’t know how or where a mod should go or how it actually works sure it CAN be unstable.

Also, no one says you HAVE to download any mod. They are optional. Also if you refer back to my original point

I’m not talking about implementing mods on console, which could be a bad thing, or could be a good thing (again see TES5). What I’m talking about is for funcom to buy the assets from a modder and implement them.

Again you are Wong, a mod is extremely simple if you know what you are doing, programming “code” or in the techologically advance language it’s called, well, language.

C++, C#, Cobalt, BBC, HTML. it’s all programming language, and a generous company even created a program called “Visual Basic” that litterally translates direct English into code. “If this l, then that”

To mod a game you don’t even need any of these programs unless the files are encrypted, which most of the time, they are not. You can easily open a file in notepad and adjust what it says in there (again, if you know what you are doing) Bethesda specifically released a program called the “Creation Kit” that visually incorporates “Visual Basic” to allow you to visualy see the changes you are making.

But again my point is not for funcom to change their focus to a game created by the players for the players.

My point is, funcom is struggling to keep this game above water. There are so many problems. And they are trying to fix alot of old problems and push out new content. They aren’t as big as Bethesda, or Activision, etc. All I’m saying is, it might be a good idea to take what help they can get.

Patently false. I really have absolutely no idea what it is you find so disgusting about mods since this by far not your first time to make claims like this, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

No, they aren’t. I fail to see the correlation between which robes the Priestess of Derketo is wearing and how that it’s evidence that Funcom is “struggling.”

Modding Community has been involved with Conan Exiles overall health for a very long time now. We have our finger prints all over the game, much to the chagrin of the anti-modder crowd. If your overall feedback is that Funcom needs to work with the modding community, they are and have been.

“Can” break the game if they are not maintained and updated to be compatible with changing assets from Funcom. It’s safe to assume that if and WHEN Funcom adds code or assets created in partnership with Funcom by the modding community, that it will become a stable part of the game and routinely updated. Just like everything else the Funcom dev team has created.

If you truly, honestly, believe that modding ruins the game, then I’ve got some baaaaad news for ya. Too late, there’s already been many (many) changes made because of the modding community efforts and has been for some time. The most recent and most public of which, is the new Dungeon and it’s layout which was designed, by a modder.

Everything has a cost and everything takes time, and everything that Funcom decides to change or add has to be calculated into that. Even very minor things like changing or creating a new outfit mesh so that it uses cats instead of snakes.

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This is Unreal engine. Modders are using Blueprints and item tables from the game or from the Marketplace as a source for their projects. This engine explicit allows to mod games. Modding features are an integrated important part of it. It’s definitely not possible to make a game, created with Unreal engine, unstable, if the mod is regular updated to every new version of the Devkit. There could be incompatibilities between mods if they change the same Blueprint parent or item table but as an adult gamer and moduser you should be able to make the right choice about using several mods in this game.
Especially as a SP gamer on pc mods are a very interesting addition to this game. And you will see Mods will be the feature which will extend the life of this game tremendously.

That’s definitely false. As you can see in many videos on the net it is possible to complete this dungeon in SP with a well fitted thrall.

It’s patently false that mods DO, as in WILL make the game unstable, though they CAN make the game unstable if not made with the proper care or (more likely) if not updated but players still use them. It also depends how ambitious the mod in question is, the more it changes the higher the risk of instabilities.

In a way, you are building an unstable foundation for your savegame (or server) by using mods however, since the game client can be updated at any time, and there’s never any guarantee when or even if the mods you rely on will be updated to match. That is not to denigrate or take away from the effort of modders at all, who work overtime to update their mods asap of course.

First off @Multigun, thank you. I have a difficulty of explaining things sometimes and I say much more than I should, you’ve explained my point much better than I have.

@Shadoza regardless of your opinion or mine, or anyone else’s on mods. That was never the point of this thread to begin with!

Original I was asking if it was a design flaw or laziness.

I should have said “It feels like” my bad. And I didn’t mean just the fact the derketi dancer is exactly the same as setite and zamorian dancer mixed. There are plenty if other issues that have been discovered and not addresses since before live launch. That’s what I meant by “struggling”

It always comes down to prioritization. The main thing I think that people always seem to lose in situations like this is just exactly how intensive of a process that asset creation has become over these past few years. One would imagine that even a simple retexture of an existing item or even just changing a small bit of decoration is something that would be achieved with little effort and that may be so, but then you have to weigh that against anything else that may be on that artist’s docket. Is it worth it to side track them for a day or possibly even more for something that doesn’t achieve too much?

This is assuming nothing goes wrong that’s outside of the artist’s control, too. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve made something and then had something go wrong when compressing a texture into a .dds and then getting weird artifacts popping up, so then you have to keep going back and doing it again.

It’s not “mod” but just a 3D-model.

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