Desert Rider mission - mobs are higher than your level

I zoned into the mission area that spawns after The Desert Rider falls and everything was going fine. However I LD’d and couldn’t log back in for a while (for some strange reason). When I was able to finally log in, the area had reset and the mobs were absurdly higher than me.

Profession: Keeper
Level: 40

Desert Researcher
Level: 194
Danger level:
Trying to kill this alone will almost certainly result in your death.
Might attack you on sight.
Alignment: neutral

Umm… how am I supposed to get out of this mission now without dying? Also, why did it reset the mobs to being 150 levels higher than me?

Playfield info:
Extended location information:
92.4, 89.3, 6.7 (92.4 89.3 y 6.7 269515)
Pf Proxy: Model=51102:9050 GS=3 SG=0 R=269515, resource: 9050
zone: 0, area: “Area”
Server id: 3510, character id: 50000:934258442, time: 2019-07-02 22:44:55 (UTC)
Version: 18.8.43_EP1, map id:, build: 52626.

Try relogging. That instance is interesting :slight_smile:

I’ve had the reverse happen too; on my level 172 character I had level 55 mobs.
The solution is to log out, wait 20 minutes and then log back in. In that time the instance will reset.

If you just want to get out, you can exit through the same door you entered in (looks like a golfball teleporter in foremans).

Some times if you log out, you will log in again outside the instance (Happend to me yesterday), so if you think you can kill the mobs, do it before you log out. Atleast you get some loot