Dev Reply badge

Hi! We’re trying out a new feature which will allow us to tag a reply on a topic, which then adds a Funcom logo icon next to the topic. The reply which created this tag will be marked with a blue checkmark, as seen in this post. This feature isn’t quite ready for full deployment yet, but it’s something we’d like to experiment with.


Alright, this feature is in a place where we think it’s okay to start using in general.

The way it works right now is we manually tag a specific Funcom staff post as an official reply within a thread. The post gains the blue checkmark as seen above, and the thread then gains a badge with the Funcom logo and a blue exclamation mark floating next to it.

Hovering over the badge shows it’s for a 'Dev Reply. Clicking on the badge will take you directly to the first official reply in the thread.

The appearance of the badge or an official tagged post may be subject to change in the future.

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You may now search for topics containing a developer response using the Search tool.

As noted on the search window, the actual term is called a “category expert response”, which is a hardcoded line in the plugin we use for the dev reply badge feature.

Please also note that the search only finds topics containing a developer reply; it does not take you directly to the reply itself.


Hope this helps a little!