Dev Wiped / Land Claim - and general issues

I have come to the realization that Funcom isn’t a good game developer to take this game forward.
6 years on from release and there are still issues dating back to the inception of this game.

I can’t fathom how funcom haven’t sold the rights to this game to a company who would maintain and manage this game better.

After building a base on the North Eastern side of the map - in I9 - with approx 3000 building pieces/placeables (this was approx 12x12), I had a friend report me (on purpose) multiple times to see whether funcom/zendesk admins actually pay attention. And lo and behold - I got dev wiped. When I challenged this I got redirected to the TOS and that I have broken rules.

I9 - is a spot north of the ‘The pocket’ - a black hand camp - with no possibility of anyone having to go there for any achievement or requiring a player to go there for any purpose as there is nothing to unlock or farm - with my base being built against the green wall.

On what basis was I dev wiped? Please answer @Funcom

It’s been 6 years this game has been out - how funcom haven’t been able to tackle this issue of land claims etc is beyond me.

It could be resolved so easily (not from a technical POV) by capping the amount of building pieces/placeables dependant on the server:
I.e. PVP server has a total of 5k per clan, PVE-C has 7.5k and PVE has 10k (as PVE like to build castles and you cant raid them anyway).

And why can’t @Funcom make areas such as the gutter, keyhole (places where you are blocking stones or unlocking areas etc) a non build zone. The summoning place, sepemaru, mounds are all non build zones - why can’t these areas…yet @Funcom choose to not do this - allow people to build and 2 weeks later - dev wipe.

How on earth can you expect to promote battle pass, and expensive bazaar items - but it’ll get dev wiped when someone reports a base.

You launch new building sets - but what’s the point of buying and using them when you’ll eventually get dev wiped???

And this is just the cherry of issues - I am not digging into the cake as the forum has already been flooded with this!

It makes sense why Conan Exiles is losing it’s player base yet Ark and Rust continue to maintain a steady player base - because the devs don’t have a clue and choose not to listen.

Funcoms history with games in general have been atrocious.

A game that has so much to offer, looked after by a company who has so little in knowledge.

But I’ll guess beforehand - @Funcom won’t even respond to the message…for them…buy battle pass, buy from the bazaar - they need to fund Dune.


That would be tencent.

At this point you wont get push back from players about the need for better admin through zendesk.
Better more detailed TOC.
Clear concise rules.

Possibly a reassessment of no build zones.

Regardless, I don’t think you will find many people happy with things as is.

We’ve pushed for warnings and explanations. But apparently it’s not cost effective.

You actually invited Funcom to ban you? For what purpose most people try not to be banned was this A test :upside_down_face: of what could go wrong.


This was a test to see whether Funcom actually ban based on me blocking resources or points of interest, or whether they just ban because some reports you. …

and it was the latter


The worst thing is that out of all survival games, Conan is one of the best.

The fighting mechanic is better than Ark and Rust - but cant believe they butcher the game this much.


I want @Funcom to answer this simple question at least.

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Pretty much spot on here. I hate to say it but the cheaters prosper in this game. Ive got enemies that build under the mesh under no build zones so you cant even run around with a foundation to look for them. They also know how to build skybases outside the green wall.
Csnt get dev wiped if no one can find youre base to report you.
Literally 0 point playing legit on officials and i dont lile cheating so literally 0 point playing this game anytime soon.
This is why i refuse to pay for a single BP or bazaar item. The money FC geta doesnt go anywhere important.


Doubtful you’ll get any kind of communication about this other than through Zendesk. If that.

What an interesting situation though and reminds me of a test I saw an acquaintance run to see how effective reporting was. The “offending” build, which was a 6x6 sandstone shitshack on noob river, the only build owned by that player it would seem, was adminwiped.

Do you have screenshots of the report and your inquiry to share here?

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I knew it… my base was wiped just for no reason, not because i build up a canyon (no1 ever used it at my low pop server with 1-3 people online max)…
so here we goes again…
-New clear TOS (how many torches are violation, 10? 100?)
-Make vital areas red for building
-Set building limit (officials only)
-No wipes from reports (only bans for cheating and glitching)

That is the most irksome thing about the reporting system. It doesn’t work.

It’s great for trolling most of the time. And then occasionally it gets used for its intended purpose.

Why Funcom never developed some other solution somewhere between ‘ignore’ and ‘full on nuclear ban’ is beyond me.


They could easily have fixed this if they set a limit of building pieces per clan and remove the whole report meta… they can make areas no build zones and this will alleviate 70/80% of reports…

But nope…they won’t.

@Funcom - any answer or are you going to continue to give everyone the silent treatment

I don’t have the screenshots. My friend reported it and I had built the base.
I’ll get him to send me them

I think you should definitely gather all evidence. Conversations even. Funcom IDs. Everything.

This is pretty big and if you get everything together properly maybe we could in fact see the change we need.

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Funcom haven’t changed this since the inception of the game.

They, for some unknown reason, think it’s easier to dev wipe and ban players than put a cap on building pieces.

Mind boggling.


I just wanted to say you’re a gangster for testing that @Shahbaash . Ive been dev wiped 13 times between all my accounts and ive never built a skybase and it was all “land claim”. While some probably was fair, most were certainly not and i’m glad you proved that things just get done if you spam report someone, regardless of their build. While people live miles under the mesh or outside of build zones in skybases on official killing the game of whoever didn’t get dev wiped smh


While I agree that a building limit has never existed on Official Servers, there was a very basic and unenforced Terms of Conduct up until Fall of 2021 when they revamped it and implemented Zendesk.

I’ve been following the events and tragedies of their “enforcement” since spring of 2022 closely.

What you and your friend have done speaks volumes on what has been suspected but never truly proven yet. Myself and many others have made the claim but there’s always been doubt from the community, silence and shutting down of these conversations from Funcom. So I am very interested in everything that was done to achieve it.

I’m sorry the result is just what you assumed.

Let’s get shit done :muscle:


Well, let’s put it like this.

Mostly the problem lays in performance issues, which are caused not that much by building pieces and their count, but by placeables which cause glitches ant both provider and players side. 3k of foundations does not seem that much, but in ToS you can read that useless builds also break the rules. So if you just built big square base full of useless stuff and placeables which worsen the performace for everyone with no purpose, it does not matter if it was blocking some spawn or node spots or poi.

One of my bases also got dev wiped a week ago. It was at place where nothing was blocked, it was accessible to anyone, but imo it was simply too wide and there were many torches around the base. Also I have decent PC, some people maybe don’t have to have it and those placeables and torches around the walls could make some mess. It also was not “foundation big” base. I get it and have no problem with this.

If you want to play and build against ToS, play on dedicated or private server, or play SP. I would also like more strictly given rules about building (max found. size, etc), but there are some contras going around this as well in possible future - like troll people building mega-long walls around the map and then claiming they did not break the rules, because they did not go over max. foundation size, etc.

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I got fed up. Constantly getting dev wiped and I was curious to check whether the base was actually looked at or whether it was wiped because a few reports went in.
But after seeing and getting dev wiped…it confirmed my theory that funcom/zendesk just dev wiped because of reports.
The more times a base is reported the higher the percentage of it getting dev wiped.


The base I built was approx 12x12. With building and placeables amounting to around 3k with placeables totalling just under 200.

You couldn’t see the base unless you actively went to the green wall at I9.

This should never have constituted a dev wiped as I was well within, what I believe, a reasonable base, at a location where there are no POI, nor am I blocking any resources and completely out of harms way.

But my friend reported my base at least once a day to test whether it will get wiped and boom…around 15reports I believe and it’s gone.

And I’ll be clear - the server that I built on was a 3/40 server at raid…a server that had spam in the dam, the gutter was land claimed and built out (almost 8-10k pieces - I’m guessing) - so it was a quiet server but other locations were much more laggy than my spot.

I am testing this again on another server that’s 2/40 to see whether its actually the case or if this was a one off.


I am trying it again on another server to see if this happens again…and my money says it will.