Devkit c++ classes

Hi Modders,

I started playing around with the devkit just for fun without specific goals.

But after some first attempts with blue prints I wanted to made a c++ class.

But I can not compile it. I am getting some errors like engine not found on relative path.

I don’t really found anything in the public internet that helps me. I only found a reddit thread about that the devkit not supports c++. But it was old.

So my question:
Is it possible to make own c++ classes for the Conan devkit? Inside the devkit?
If not is there a way to make them outside the devkit in the unreal engine 4 and import them as blueprint?

Before I waste a day for it I thought it could be easier to ask here :slight_smile:

The test class I would try do is a websocket server that just sends all the player coordinates.

That was one of the first c++ projects I done when I started to play around with the unreal engine 5 few month ago.

It is not. That’s pretty much the only thing off limits outside of DLC/Bazaar stuff.


That’s what I wanted to known. Thank you very much!

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