Suddenly can't compile with the Conan Exiles Dev Kit


So, I’ve been tinkering with the Dev Kit and have made a couple of mods for practice – all compiled/built fine. Starting the other day, when I go to compile I get:

“Visual Studio 2022 is installed, but is missing the C++ toolchain. Please verify that ‘Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015’ are selected from the Visual Studio 2015 installation options” and “No Visual C++ installation was found(…)”

I’ve gone through and installed almost everything related to C++ (including CMake), reinstalled the Dev Kit, rebooted of course, nothing has worked.

The only thing I can think of is I did install the PS5 SDK version 8.xxxx for work (upgraded from 6.xxxx), but the internet is completely failing me on this one. If anyone has any ideas, please do share.

Thank you.

Can’t use C++ classes for modding… only blueprints.
Should probably check out the documentation and join the modding discord thou.

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Oh my God, I am a gigantic silly for that, I blame working way too much and replacing sleep with coffee too often, thank you. Turns out my brain just suddenly decided that i needed to compile in the main viewport menu along side compiling blueprints…

Thanks again. I shall crawl into my shame corner, lol.


Yea, the “wrong button” is also common haha, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


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