Devs doing absoultey nothing about dossing even with proof

Unfortunately , in this section I am clearly fish out of water , all these years I play consoles for the safety they have . Thanks for the warning and guidance .I will ask a favour to everyone that can understand these actions from other players to act the Sony way . Sony Playstation world must stay safe , it is just a gaming land for people to relax by doing their hobby . These actions need axe , not feathers .


DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Attack may render your console or computer temporarily unable to connect to the network or the internet. They’re handled by MS / Sony in regards to console attacks.


@Lucidique .Thank you .
Really , thank you .
This happens to me a lot of times and I couldn’t understand why , yet it seemed weird , because all my family had internet connection except my phone and my PS4 . I link my ps4 with an app so I will group by self phone for my controller to be free .
Thank you


They tell you to report it to Zendesk which does nothing but reply with automated messages. I have sent more screen shots and videos than needed and still nothing is being done. This company is a complete joke now. They could care less about their player base or in game issues. They do nothing about ddossing, or content blocking. All they care about is money and their forums and from the sounds of the complaints from so many players it shows big time. They only way to show them we are fed up with it is to stop supporting them. Dont buy any of their games or products and maybe they will start caring about their players. They deleted 2 of my posts with 2 minutes but have done nothing about code of conduct violations for over a month. Thank you for helping prove my point funcom lol

That’s because DDoS attacks are handled by Sony / Microsoft.

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if you read the code of conduct they are constantly linking to you it also states that players and clans will be banned in game, by funcom for a violation of these rules. So actually Ddos attacks in game are also suppose to be handled by funcom.

Read a post yesterday of some one trying to figure out why they were banned and seen similar so looking like people are being banned.

Yes, they do get banned.

And, that’s about all we can say about it.

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when ?? 5 weeks later after the whole server is dead and everybody is wiped. So not only do you lose the cheaters who maybe get punished 2 months later but by then all your honest people have quit as well becuase they are fed up with admins allowing cheaters to run their server and destroy everything they own before anything is done.


Some one else today trying to figure out why they got banned so it’s happening. Good luck to us all.

I believe funcom is ok with ddossing now. They arent banning people for it even with screenshots of members of the clan admitting it. They expect people to try and fight against ddossers for months until they finally get around to doing something about it?? at this point the only solution seems to start cheating as well since they dont punish for it and they allow it to happen. They obviously arent going to punish for it so why not,

It sounds like Funcom does not have the manpower to investigate every call for a ddos. You must provide the evidence for them. Did you get a message with a tool you can use to show patterns of ddos attempts?

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Tons of evidence. Screen shots of them admiting to ddossing. Videos of them dossing while we are inside their base raiding. Videos of them ddossing every god we summon. Videos of their whole clan jumping offline mid raid time and the ddosser getting online and then the server crashing. WE did all the work for Funcom and handed them a case file full of evidence. At this point it would seem the only valid strategy would be to start doing it back to them since no punishments are handed out.

And that would accomplish what exactly?

They DDoS the server when you attack them. You DDoS the server when they attack you. Now nobody can ever play because the server is constantly under a DDoS attack. Congrats. :roll_eyes:

That is, of course, besides the fact that what you propose is not only against the ToS, but also illegal. Yes, if they choose to prosecute, you could face jail time.

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We are being ddossed individually. At our house. So any other smart comments ?

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And how exactly would this change the legality of what you proposed?


He’s just frustrated at being booted offline dude any of us would be. But it’s not really helping to state the obvious. Give the poor guy a break. :joy:


Does not really matter anymore anyway. This has been going on for nearly a month. The cheaters ahve wiped every clan off the server but. Even low levels in sandstone. When ever we strike back servers gets dossed. More and more customers and players base Funcom keeps losing to these cheaters. I guess the longer they let this go on the more they lose as well. So at least funcom is sort of in a small way suffering as well for their inability to do their job.

Hey there,

We addressed your topic already via the Direct Messages you sent us on the forums.
When it comes to reporting these attacks, please do reach out to Sony who can verify the chat logs, as the communication happened via their messenger app. Regarding the DDoS attacks, those can also be verified by them and should be able to handle appropriate measures if they find foul play.
This individually targetted DDoS attack seems to stem from an exploit in the messaging app, so as a general advise when it comes to playing online, we recommend not accepting message and party requests from strangers.

Sorry once again for the frustration. We’ll proceed to close the thread, as this conversation was suited for the Zendesk platform.