Devs wont use PS5 chat for evidence?

@Dzonatas, Thank you
Thank you
I don’t belong to the players that has a clue about all these s… t
I just want to play
I expect Sony to protect me, no one else… Why?
I started this game by gaining it free from psn. OK I payed for some dlcs but till now for a game I play so long the money I gave to Funcom is nothing in front of the money I pay for psn these years. YET…
Funcom provides me free servers to play online… FREE
Funcom allows me to have and express my opinions, thoughts, fears, dreams, problems etc about the game and so on.
Yet, I pay Sony for that :thinking:.
Anyway, this is the way I see things, maybe I am wrong, what can I say more :man_shrugging:

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There are many ways to get someone’s IP. The method mentioned is the most common on PlayStation.

Let me ask again, have you ever experienced router disconnects, causing you to be kicked offline, and requiring a router restart?

Or do you get kicked from the server, and maintain internet connection?

Bruh… when you get dossed its not just the game. The whole house internet goes down.


I did not. I paid for full price for this game. I paid for the expansion. I paid for DLC’s. I was given a code of conduct multiple times with the associated punishments. I have proven beyond a doubt that a clan is continuously breaking these. Nothing is being done… That is a failure on Funcom’s side to enforce the policies associated with their game. End of story.

Ok that’s what I wanted to know. I’m fully aware of what happens, but I see a lot of posts here that claim DOS, or DDOS when it’s not.

Anyway, you need to contact your ISP. They should have a protocol for you to follow, and they should be able to help you block any malicious IPs.

They may also report those IPs to the relevant authorities. If not they should supply you with them in order for you to report yourself. Depends on local law.

Also you might want to look into using a vpn to mask your IP if this problem continues. Plenty of tutorials on YouTube but if you have problems let me know.

There are also programs such as wireshark that allow you to monitor network traffic. Again tutorials are very easily found on YouTube.

Hope that helps.


I appreciate where you are coming from and your desire to help prevent these attacks. My concern is why Funcom refuses to act on a very large amount of evidence. We literally have screenshots from multiple clan mates of theirs admitting to the ddossing and the player doing it. Many many times we would have wiped this clan but they just ddoss the server every time. The game is no longer enjoyable or playable. I believe funcom is done releasing DLC’s or anything to make money so they no longer care about the integrity of their game or their player base. If they aint gunna profit anymore why enforce their own rules. This is why this game is dying very fast yet again and will probably be dead soon. It is a complete joke.

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We have contacted local authorites, sony and even the FBI. All we are asking for is for funcom to do their job and enforce their code of conduct they felt was so necessary to make such a huge hype about.

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I should mention the server I am referring to is 8070. When the server is being ddossed not only does 8070 crash to a 9999 ping but also 8071. Technically every time our server gets dossed so does 8071. Every single time they both go down simultaneously. We have provided all the evidence needed to prove this but it is irrelevant. Nothing is being done.

That’s good but they won’t have any data until you contact your service provider.
If you get your ISP to provide the times and IPs of the attacks, and provide that alongside the in game evidence, that will be more than sufficient to have them investigated, and banned, not just from CE but also from PSN.

I understand where you are coming from but even if they are banned from CE they can still pull your IP. That’s why you need to contact your service provider.

Good luck


They wont have anybody online to defend their base. We can finally remove these cheating cockroaches from the game. How much do you think they will be ddossing when they have no interest left. When all their buildings and possessions are gone they wont care to ddoss much anymore. All we are asking is for funcom to follow through with THEIR CODE OF CONDUCT THEY felt it was important to send everybody and make posts about but then do nothing to enforce it. If everybody just up held their responsibility on their end the problem would have been solved weeks ago.

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Then listen to me and provide them with irrefutable proof. It will take a few emails or a phone call.

Like I said just because they said they did it that doesn’t make it true. But if they said they did it, and you have actual data it’s undeniable, and funcom will act on it.

You can search the forum for all the people complaining about getting banned. They do ban people when they have sufficient evidence.


We have beyond irrefutable proof. I have sent roughly 50 emails containing videos , screen shots and everything else they have asked for. Any court of law in the world would have convicted to guilty party with how much evidence we have provided. There is nothing more we have to give

The actual IPs that are launching the attack and the times. That is the only irrefutable proof that exists. This can be obtained from your ISP. I understand your frustration, but that is the way it works.

If you provided funcom with a video of you disconnecting from the internet how do they know you didn’t just pull your own router because believe me I have seen people do worse in an attempt to get people banned.

At this point you won’t be safe until you follow the steps I recommended. Even if they are banned.
So please contact your ISP as I suggested, and look up the program wireshark, and a vpn to keep your network safe.

I hope that makes sense.

Good luck!

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The dosser is also using a VPN…

They know we did not “pull our own router” because in the video the whole server crashes. Then it shows the server on the server list at ping 9999. If my own router was disconnected I would not be taken back to the online server list. That would not be accessible.

It was just one of a thousand examples (I wasn’t accusing you of doing that, sorry if it came across like that).
Like I said your ISP will be able to provide the only irrefutable proof, and help you prevent future attacks.
G-Portal will also have mountains of server data, and you have already provided video evidence so if you combine all those things with their foolish admission of guilt it becomes completely undeniable.
Without the data from your ISP there is simply not as much certainty.

I would expect no less. But a VPN won’t hide certain identifiable data from Sony, or Funcom, or the Law. It can however be used as a safeguard for your network.

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All good buddy. Sorry if I seemed rude. I am so fed up with funcom. We have done or are doing basically everything you have suggested. I defiantely appreciate your help, ideas and suggestions. You seem like a stand up person I am grateful to you. So far sadly you have offered more help than funcom and you havent even seen the evidence. No wonder this game is dead.

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No you weren’t rude at all, I can sense your frustration. Glad I could help, it was my pleasure.

You’re clearly doing everything you can but the final piece of the puzzle is the data from your ISP.

Yes I agree the system isn’t perfect but they are working on it. Like I said they do ban players, and it might be that they are already processing you request.

They are on national vacation at the moment so there is only a skeleton crew trying to keep up with everything.

In the meantime please look into monitoring network traffic with wire shark, and get yourself a vpn. But most importantly talk to your ISP.

I hope this horrible situation is resolved soon. Good Luck!

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