DEVS dont respond

Are they devs even active? I’ve been waiting for a response from them im going on five days without one.

About disciplinary actions? Never. Its not in their job description.

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Its not in their job description? You’re joking right? im tryna to appeal a ban and they just ignore you. They didn’t tell me how long the ban is so i think they should respond. ignoring your community is not a good thing so if you’re going to defend that then idk

He’s not joking, he’s just taking you literally. The devs work on developing the game, so it’s not their job to resolve infraction reports or ban appeals.

Did you do it via Zendesk? If you didn’t, then it’s no wonder they ignore you. If you did, then the only thing you can do is wait to see if they’ll respond. I mean, sure, you can raise a stink in the forums, but the only outcomes of that will be to receive a canned response about submitting a Zendesk ticket, and then they’ll close your thread.

That’s how things work :man_shrugging:


Not trying to be a smart ■■■ but if you copped a ban for breaking their clearly defined terms of service than I guess they no longer consider you a high priority customer. Someone’s already had to spend time which equals money to look at whatever report was filed against you and taken action. If I was you I’d just be happy if they ever let you play it again.

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i did do zendesk ticket

I have bought every single dlc and respect the devs and their rules and im okay with the ban its a lesson like all i wanted was a simple response.

I understand what your saying, but there’s plenty of us like me for instance that has all the dlc’s reported hackers and exploiters plenty of times with no luck but have managed to avoid bans by resisting the urge to give the hackers something to report ME for. I can’t get answers most of the time here either. If ppl that aren’t making any more dramas for them to deal with don’t get a response than it should come as no real surprise that you , being banned, can’t get a timely response. Anyway good luck and don’t feed the filthy trolls when you get back in man.

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Yeah man ty ill stay outta chat because my temper sometimes gets they best of me. At least its a lesson learnt

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