Devs need to Wake up! this is 100% accurate

Devs need to Wake up! this is 100% accurate

PS I’m on a campaign to get this fixed


Firefang needs to change his direction a little. He isn’t exactly wrong here but his delivery sucks. As one of the media leaders, he is always teaching exploits and promoting horrible behavior. I wish he change his tone.


Its abit negative…

If the develepors are “smart” (bad expression I know they’re good people) they will atleast hint about some pve changes, end game content and maybe even new biome comming not to far in the future.
But hey thats just my opinion…

The overview in the vid is not wrong.

Rather than shooting the messenger because of the message style it might be better to discuss what the vid sees.

Its not bad critical analysis actually.

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I did not care for this video.

It just played like the completely expected one sided internet ‘bloodsport’, angst for likes, most YouTube game review/criticism videos have become.

For instance, what was he on about with the map? Map, World, map, WORLD, so profound… But not really. I mean what is the criticism, that the game area you have is of a finite size? Sort of odd, never heard that as a criticism of GTA V, with all that confining you to a seriously under sized fictional state as a map. What did he expect, every PS game to now be NMS Next, with near endless procedurally generated places? No review, or critique of the maps content, layout, pacing. Just, not the right size?

…And it just went on for ten minutes from there.

I bet this video maker could make a three part series of twenty minute plus long videos on how cup manufacturers and giant chocolate chip cookie makers are out to screw him, because he can’t dunk his cookies exactly how he wants.


On some level, this is simple. If it’s going to take Funcom 4 months to release each new content release, then that content release has to have something in it that it will take the average player 4 months to obtain. The problems with that are:

  1. People would lose their minds if they found it was going to take them four months of grinding to get some reward. (At least some of them would. I’ll admit at this point I’ve put four months into grinding for a complete set of named armorers, for no good reason. It’s also taken me most of that long to get both of the thermal shields.)

  2. Can you imagine grinding for four months for something and then losing it to a level 6 purge or an alpha clan base raid?

And yeah, he’s not wrong that none of the existing dungeons give any loot that’s worth repeating the dungeon for. I think that that’s part of what they’re trying to fix by only having Shadebloom, the ingredient you need to increase your chances of growing a Greater pet, only be harvestable from Midnight Grove bosses. But even then there’s no randomness involved: every dungeon boss in the game drops a more or less predictable amount of crafting materials and nothing more.

I have a theory – and I wish that Joel or Oscar would let us know if I’m right – that what’s supposed to keep us playing is that they intended, between the purge and PvP raiding, for us to lose everything on average every two weeks, and the enjoyment of building and staffing a new base every two weeks was what was supposed to keep us playing. But the Purge has never worked that way and once the alpha clan on your server burns your base down, there is no rebuilding, because they can swat you like a bug every time you log on; there is no real “catch up” mechanism in this game, so it’s winner take all forever.

And you know, if it didn’t take me months to find the legendary weapons I want and to find the named thralls I want, I might not even mind a game where we all had to rebuild regularly, where (say) each server had one designated monthly wipe where you lost everything you weren’t carrying, right before a 3-hour raid window where everybody raced to grab the best spot to start a base, and racing to get back up the tech tree and dig in was what kept us playing. But that’s not the game we have.


being limited to one server (no cross server transferring) is what kileld this game. I predicted this when the game came out, got laughed at and told that is what “killed ark” when in fact, that’s what kept Ark going. I think the most populated server on PS4 has about 5-10 people on it when I was looking through the list, most were 0 people on. The game died and these devs did absolutely nothing to try and prevent that. RIP.

Add to that, that if it takes an “average” player four months, there’ll be those who grind through it in a couple of weeks max, and there’ll be those who never realistically get to experience it. The problem with finite content is that it’s impossible to balance as a longevity feature.

Content will always be consumed faster than it can be produced.

Only thing that can keep a player going is to challenge his very right of existence (coughsurvivalgamecough)… AKA fix the purge and make it more interesting, worthwhile and challenging (coughfixpurgespawntablescough)

I noticed that players stick around longer if their investment is under threat. It’s some retarded reverse psychology thing.

Like Oscar said… System’s the way to go. Adding content is just a bandaid.


Just passing by here to leave this:

And it’s not even november. I think Funcom just has given up with this game.

its not dead yet bud.! based on the chart you posted.

do hope funcom start throwing positive signs. :slight_smile:

See, I think the game was envisioned in a slightly different manner. Perhaps the game was meant to be more like a fortnite battle royal but with teams… A sort of race… See who or which team could build up fastest and survive long enough to be the first to escape by taking off the bracelet. Because that is something a lot of people ignore, the game has a story and an end point which removes you from the server.

This could have worked if we had a prestige system and periodic server wipes. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the game world is beautiful and the building/thrall/purge systems are fun and lead to people wanting to stay on a server for a long time.

Trying to balance this leads to the strange game we have… A kind of unpoliced sandbox with an end no one wants to take.

As for replay value and maintaining long term customers, way too many see this as some MMO which should have yearly expansions and such. The reality is, it’s an odd FPS. There will most likely not be a great many expansions. A sequel or part 2, maybe, but I just don’t see this as having longevity.

Games not dead on PC…There is still around 5-7k people playing. Dead on consoles, since most PC games are not as good on consoles.

Agree. 5-7k players is not death, but agony. And game is agonizing since February 2017. If you look the statistics, we can see only one moment of significative playerbase growing, followed by immediate fall: May 2018. Other periods of minor growing matches too with an important parch of new content. And I’m sure we will see something similar one of this months when devs decide to publish pets patch.

Statistics are supporting what Firefang is saying on the video. You can make the effort of bring new content to game, but it’s an useless effort if that new content doesn’t introduce another kind of mechanics to the game that allow to conserve playerbase interest beyond one or two weeks, and pets system is clearly not.

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