Dewain the accursed 100% spawn rate, ymir t4 priest

Game mode: Siptah-testlive
Type of issue: feedback
Server type : Singleplayer
Region: -

Dewain the Accursed has 100% spawn rate from 5 spawns tested. T4 should be rare. This is also a priest of Ymir which makes it even more of a problem on pvp servers.

Game version 2.4.284326, beta branch testlive game client


Hey @GodlyVoice

Thanks once again for sending us feedback for the Testlive update.
We’ve sent the report to our team to consider tweaking Dewain’s spawn rates.
Let us know if you find any other similar issues in the new lands :slight_smile:

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Same for me to on singleplayer.
But again, it’s singleplayer, would need some confirmation for servers to.

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