Did all the servers crash within the past 10mins?

Mine crashed and all of the servers listed had 0 population on.

Currently am not seeing issues with server listings - official or private (you don’t mention so am guessing you mean Official?).

Sometimes connections to, or between, Steam and Funcom are interrupted briefly and connections stop ore reset. Outages with Steam for example show up via platforms like Downdetector. In some cases, there are situations that seem like ‘outages’ where servers reset overnight or during backups, etc. These periodic breaks are annoying, but happen.

If the server listing appears down for more than five minutes or so, check one of the web connection platforms and see whether there is a general issue. If you are in a clan or play with other players, check with them and see if they have the same issue.

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well you posted 3 hours after my post, so you wouldn’t have seen anything. I was talking seconds or minutes after i made my post up.

Am guessing that you still did get back in then @LZB_Gattsu?
Same applies: give it five or so minutes and try again. If still not showing, check site-checking sites (like Downdetector) and see if there are Steam issues reported. In most cases these types of outages are third-party like Steam or Server hosts. In the past, if there have been issues on Funcom’s side, Funcom alwys drop a fault message in here.

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