Did cheaters get banned?

all of a sudden half my server is gone, people I suspected of cheating, are not on and its less than an hour from building destruction. normally 9 of them are on.

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Same in the SA Conflict… it was always at 40/40 during night time, now is 20-30/40.

No, Funcom doesn’t want to ban cheaters, no matter of what. They just want to protect them by not letting you know their tactics and etc.

Even if you have 100% prove about they are using exploits, glitches and etc - Funcom will not take any measures against them. That’s it…

They don’t tell you their tactics so that you don’t end up with massive amounts of people abusing exploits rather than a handful doing it before they drop their next patch.

This game is their current baby, have some faith that they aren’t being as malicious to you as you believe. Occam’s Razor and all.

I got the reason that they want to hide it, but come on - it’s not until next patch as some of the issues are kind of old.
Also there is enough to have one clan in the server who knows those exploits and…

I had faith in them… until I had faced so many issues that it’s pointless to play, but it was too late.
And the worst thing is that not only fixes comes in ages, but ‘patches’ creates new issues and no intend of stopping cheaters.

I do think patches should becoming in more often and smaller. Huge patches like the one on launch created more issues and seem to only compound the issues.

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