Did swapping squad members go through QA?

I’m pretty sure more people found this annoying: Not having the option of swapping loudouts between stalkers you move into/out of your squad makes it super tedious - especially since you can’t access someone’s inventory while they’re not in the squad. Let’s say I have three “level 2” armors, but four Stalkers. If I want to swap out one squad member, I have to first remove their armor, switch in the new Stalker, and then swap in the armor. The same goes for weapon loadouts if I want a swap there. It’s just so tedious, someone surely must have noticed during QA.

Ya its a pain in the ■■■, some stalkers are only good for certain encounters but after like 2 times swapping loudoubts i just left 2 of them at the ark forever.

If they test their game, they would have make it better, but you know, apparently testing the game before releasing it to audience is the most hardest thing that the game developers can ever do, despite the fact that is THE most important part about game developing.

They’re still selling a product that I bought, so it’s not like I have to be overly grateful to them. I like the game, but there are certain aspects that I particularly dislike and that either strike me as oversights or suboptimal design decisions, and I will treat them accordingly. I don’t see how you get to make the call on what’s “trivial”.

No i see that you think its a really, really big issue, i didnt even think about it, were all different i guess.

I get people being pissed when their games doesnt work, but things like this and startup screens that you cant skip, yeah to me its just rediculous to even mention.

And children all around the world are starving, yet here you are posting about video games.

And so are you…

You’re missing the point of why I brought that up. Your argument is just a straw man. You’re not disproving my feedback, you’re trying to discredit it, because you deem it not relevant in light of gamebreaking bugs existing. Providing feedback is what this forum was created for - the developers then can do with that information what they want. If they deem the criticism fair and something worth reworking, they will do so. If not, not. I have honestly no idea what this has to do with pressing issues like crashes and why you even brought that up. Of course they’ll have to fix that - should I wait for them to do that before I bring up my issue again, though?

And if you had tried to read my post you would have seen i targeted JohnnyCasey.

I still think your topic is a none issue though, this is the game they made, it is what it is, try to enjoy it as it is, it is not breaking the game, it takes a couple of seconds to set up your team, so what, are you in a hurry.

And yeah i think it is more important that the developers focus on the people that dont get their game runing then taking requests about what would have been nice to have implemented in the game, stuff that mostly wont do anything for the overall feeling and enjoyment of the game.

Take it easy…

Bringing out someone’s activity in different forum for different game would definitely be an inappropriate post.

The game has flaws that would have been easily prevented. I don’t see any reason for me to not be negative about it.

Also it’s funny how you address ‘free speech’, while what you said was basically the players should just accept the flaws of the game and should not nit-pick them.

Hey guys, let’s try to keep it polite and civil, okay? We’re all here because we really like the game, so there’s no reason to get angry at each other :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback, BloederFuchs. I will relay your points back to the team. Maybe this is something that can be added in a future patch.


Well, no one deleted your posts, did they, and some of them were more than inapropriate, wouldnt you agree. I dont want to see the same behaviour here, thats all.

Why don’t you just move along. Seems like your ‘behavior’ is the most inappropriate thing around here.

Closing this topic to prevent further escalation