Did they turn off the Sorcerer encounters for Chapter 3?

I just realized I haven’t seen any of the events pop up in a while, like the one at the Summoning Place with the witch doctor in the pink crystal shell, or the Serpent Event over by Pirate bay.I don’t venture deep into the swamp to much so i don’t know about the one with the bramble wall and the lightning storm, but i do hit up the volcano regularly and i don’t remember the Demon Event popping up there in a long while. I know for a fact the Summoning place event would be there like every other time i passed by , but not anymore.


Yes it’s buggy as F


Ohhhh, i didnt know this was another bullet point in the long list of bugs that the update brought with it. Thank You.

The encounters were disabled partially through chapter 2 after many players got completely stuck and game crashed when approaching magi encounters… they never reinstated them… swept under the carpet like we never had Magi encounters…

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Yeah, they were disabled mid-February and not reenabled yet. I had really hoped they’d turn them back on because I hadn’t found all of them and was wanting to do so. Not sure if they will be at this point or not.

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Sort of like what we are experiencing now with any NPC encounters even near our characters.

Witch Hunt event was advertised as one of the features of Chapter 2, but was disabled almost immediately after Chapter 2 went live, because of how buggy it was. FUNCOM never botherd to fix it and just acted as it was never there. :rofl: :ok_hand:t3:

They put it in a box, right next to Server Transfers and the box is labeled “have the intern try figuring this stuff out”

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