Age of war events chapter 2

Is there an event planned for chapter 2,my battle pass says do an encounter when i search online it gives a list of past events

as far as we know some of random events are back, alien portal, portal to the siptah isle, grave matters
maybe we get more soon

There are some events that have been observed.

I noticed the “blowback” event at summoning place yesterday (the one where a view of Siptah appears in a hole in the sky and soldiers drop thru)

And I watched a test server video about the “snake cult caravan event” around the west edge of unnamed city (the event with the giant egg and wagons)

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Ok,i thought there was a couple thanks

Just saw a. Post from Funcom. Events are causing a crash so they are turning off until they figure it out. @Denversetti @Smoketreader @Scharpfster1

I’m super annoyed by that, tbh. They turned the sorcerer events off in the middle of AoS chapter 2 because of a crash. And they were never reactivated. Until now.

In all that time, the crashes were never fixed before being live again 6+ months later?

It’d be nice to actually get to experience these things but I doubt they’ll be turned back on. Instead they’ll be forgotten, just like last time.

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True. Sorcery event was explicitly advertised as one of AoS chapter 2 “new features” - anyone can easily look it up on youtube. Yet half way through they just turned it off and swept it under the rug - as if it was never there. Clearly noone even bothered to fix damn thing ever since.
Guess what - year later events are back - but FUNCOM themselves already forgot it existed, let alone it was bugged :joy:

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thats sad…i like events, we need more of them, on random places etc, + new ones
game feels more alive

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