Chapter 2 and 3 Access

Long time player that’s returning. Question on Chapters: I took a break and missed chapter 2 & 3. I would very much like to run that content. Is there an option to do so in the foreseeable future?
If not, will that content ever be available for purchase/download/access?

Thanks for all that you do! It’s greatly appreciated!!!

This is the SECOND SEASON (Age of War) and we’re currently at Chapter 1.
If you want to play Chapter 2 and 3 of the SECOND SEASON, you got to wait until they’re released of course.

If you want to play content of the FIRST SEASON (Age of Sorcery), I don’t think you can anymore.
Except for some stuff.

Apologies, I should have specified. I am specifically talking about: Age 1 Sorcery, Chapters 2 & 3.
Thanks though!

I see, I see.
As far I as I know, most content have been disabled now (Sorcerer’s Hunt, bugged Dungeon, Demon’s Summoning Events etc…) so I don’t think you can play those anymore.

You should still be able to use some contents tho: sorceries and golem crafting to say some …

The dungeon (Kurak’s Lair) is still available at Mek Kamoses’ Spire @Maalcarth

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Yes. I had heard that. There were rumors that other chapters would come back once the Ages were complete. But was looking for confirmation of that. There was some amazing content in AOS Chapts 2+3 that I missed and I do want it :slight_smile:

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