Died falling thru the world

I’m done with you conan so dont go in spider cave I keep dying trying to get my body back falling through the map EVERYTIME. Just after you get past the crystals winding down the path at the bottom bang dead.


The problem was apparently being caused by a false-positive with the anti-undermeshing, Funcom are already very aware of it and have apparently been working on a fix.

I’m glad I play singleplayer and can just check the handy options box that prevents me from dropping gear upon death. So far I haven’t been slapped with the false-positive, maybe it only comes into effect on online servers?


Good reason I have no loss on death because of the old days.


Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue. It is a false-positive of the anti-undermesh tool in Scuttler’s Shortcut. This has been fixed in 2.4.2, which is coming to all platforms on the release of Isle of Siptah this month.
Sorry for the frustration until the release of this fix.

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