Different admin flying animations

So we have the meditating flying animation and then we have what I feel is way better looking
“Standing up” flying animation.

So my question is, are there different commands to maybe trigger one over the other, or does someone know what triggers the different animations?
Like exiting the game and rejoining a server? Does it have a chance to change every time you go into ghost or flying mode?

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I think its completly random which animation is used.


Not really sure if its possible to pick and choose which animation you use, thought I could be wrong on that.

I try to use the running animation as much as possible when flying. Looks funny when you increase speed.

Great news, or on line of great news!
And I hope this will help other players, admins, or just people on single player that like to fly but
like me dislike the sitting lotus position!

So I did eventually think of killing my character and low and behold, it might take 1 time, it might take 3, but usually on the third the character changes to the majestic flying position!

This may sounds like less of a solution and more of a nuisance but in my mind, if i’m admin then death is not really a problem, specially controlled deaths back at base (Remove bracelet) and spawning back in bed, type ghost or fly and try.

Hope this helps anyone wondering same things as I was!

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