What are other Server Admins doing to accomplish certain tasks?



What are other Server Admins doing to accomplish certain tasks?

Question #1
For instance, in order to quickly move around the map in order to check Thralls spawns for foundations preventing NPC Thrall spawns?

  • There is ability to travel in god mode, cloaked, ghost, flying, but the speed of flying is extremely slow
  • I can teleport, but that isn’t good for scanning
  • If i walk and increase my movement speed, it sometimes feels way to fast, but worse…terrain pops and i am constantly rubber banding & then movement is messed up.

So how are other admins going about the task of checking all over the map/spawns without it taking a VERY VERY long time?

Question #2
by what methods are other server admins finding it best to remove spammed foundations?
I know about destroyall & destroytarget but i am not keen to use those for how they work.
Other ideas? suggestions?


Can you do the control-click on the map. It is fairly fast and generally gets one to the spots they want to check without system issues. Of course, one cannot scan while doing this, but…it can get you to a high point where you can survey.


Yes, I like using that method as it is more exact than the teleport; however, I am trying to find some way of moving faster while flying & I am not aware of any.



Having you tried adjusting the speed while flying only.


Going to Admin Panel > Click on Fly
Then while flying
Go back to Admin Panel > 4x Movement Multiplier
Does not impact my flying speed
Changing it to 100x or even 1000x does not impact it
Although it does indeed impact the ground movement speed significantly

There’s got to be a way to increase the speed with which we can move while flying???


It seems like there should be away. I seem to be out of ideas.


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