Different maps interfere with settings

When we have a game started in a map, and you start a game in another map, the setup of that map for the solo game gets reset.

So suppose you have set up a nice day cicle, XP, whatever, and is playing in your map.

Then you try another map and are required to restart it. If you do not choose custom for that map in order to get the same config as default, or change it during the process, ALL your games will get the same configuration. So if you decide to put a “civilized” to test a map, ALL your games will respond to that setup.

And yeah, I know, many know, why this happen. It is just something that couldnt and shouldnt happen.

If you know why this happens then you also know that there’s nothing that can be done about it so I’m not sure what you’re expecting from this type of feedback :man_shrugging:

But just in case you weren’t thinking about the same “why this happens”, I’m going to elaborate

This game is built in Unreal Engine 4 as a client-server game.
Regardless if you play online or Single Player, there is always a server, the game does not change, it doesn’t actually have “multiple modes” internally. When you play as single player, your own client (computer / console) also acts as the server…

Likewise you have a server configuration, which is stored in .ini files that is specific to the server regardless of the content.

Maps are merely content for the servers to… serve up… and they are not in any way tied into the settings of the server as such your server settings are independent of them as the same server is serving up all of those maps… unless you change the server’s configuration, it will stay the same…

So… what does this look like?

Say you have a mininus… :bus: (server)
You’re transporting people in it (content)…
Just because one group of passengers got off your bus and another group got on (map change), your bus will not suddenly have more wheels unless you actually go to a garage and install them (server configuration)

That is a non sequitur of the highest class.

It is EXACTLY because I know why this happens that I know how it can be fixed. Yet, I dont work in Funcom so I cant. If I worked there, I would fix it.

All else you mention is the thing that happens when you get what you see as player and transpose it to what the code does behind the courtain, so it does not merit comments.

Um… sure… if you say so…
Good luck with that.

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