Different Quality Armour & Weapons

Is it possible to add to the game different armour & weapon qualities, so the better the quality the greater the effect of the item.

Example: Armour poor quality would have 5 defence where as good quality would have 10 defence and superior quality 15 defence.

Similar example for weapons, though would be more attack power.

Maybe add bonus stats to the better quality armour? Like a bonus Agility stat for light armour, Heavy armour would have bonus stat of more health.

Also maybe add secret stashed treasures, that require a shovel to dig up and secret locations in dungeons that hold bonus treasures.

Will friendly npc villages/towns/cities have npc vendors?

All of this already exists. The better the thrall you have on a crafting station, the better the gear. Regular / exeptional / perfect / flawless.

There are keys you kill bosses for to unlock endgame weapons found in semi hidden chests.

There are merchants in freindly cities… well the only friendly city of the relic hunters, otherwise known as Set City

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