Different types of baby horses?

Are there different types of young horses that be tamed as mount that when raised give different stats? Or are they all just the light brown fouls located up north?

There are technically different types, but they only have slightly different RNG for the base colors. White and black can only be gotten with the riders DLC fodder.

There are different types of foals, However I dont think they have any impact on the grown horse you will get, as far as I understand whether it’s a sturdy foal or normal foal, they all grow up to be a horse with the same base stats. It may influence the colour but even that I am not sure about.

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There’s a swift foal too.

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Isn’t there a fodder for horses you use in your inventory before you set them down or is that part of the paid DLC

There is fodder but I’m not sure if it was part of the dlc or part of the update (I reflexively buy the dlc so I never saw what was base included). I suspect the fodder is dlc locked.

I bought the dlcs before I started the game also made some horses for decorating mostly.

Yep, it is tainted fodder from the DLC Riders of Hyboria
it is what makes the Black or White horse.


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