Foal, Swift Foal and Sturdy Foal

Are they different like the names suggest, or are the outcomes just random when they mature?

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According to what they said in the livestream they all produce the same random color right now. No leveling difference, or any others for that matter, Right Now. It was hinted that this may change in the future but nothing set in stone.

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I was under the impression:

  • A swift foal would produce a horse more suited to being a scout horse
  • A sturdy foal would produce a horse more suited to being a warhorse horse
  • A foal would randomly produce a horse suited to being a scout horse or a warhorse

That in mind I was under the impression that the base stats and “growth” potential would be reflective of the attributes required for the respective type of horse, but all would have the adult name of HORSE.

I spawned in a foal of each type and marked each stable respectively to test this assumption.


I could not test very extensive but my sturdy foal produced a horse with 12 vitality at level 4. Maybe a coincidence, but my other two swift foals never got close to 10 vitality by the same level.

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I currently have three swift foals, three sturdy foals, and one foal in the stables. One of each type is almost full grown. Since this is in the SP it will take time to get them all to adult status, but I will provide an update on what I find when they mature.

Note: The foal descriptions for the swift references “speed” while the sturdy references “toughness”. I will post exact descriptions when I get the chance.

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I have raised a foal and a Swift foal so far and set both to Level 20
As far as I can tell, from this little data, the type of foal affects primarily the Bonuses
Not sure if the chance for growth is completely random or also affected by the type.
(sorry, screenshots are in german)


Swift foal:


As you can see the foal has almost double the melee Damage Bonus, whereas the Swift foal has higher mobility and vitality Bonuses.


I wonder how much of that is from the random perrks? I am excited to see the results from testing.

I have 3 plain Foals in my stables now and am curious to see the variation I get from them, or if they hold fairly even between them.

This is correct. According to the stream, there is no differences between the 3 type of foals . . . yet.

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Yup, all of dis ^.

Looking at how the data tables are set up, it’s just confirming what they said in the dev stream. Their growth rate table is one entry for all the horses, and every recipe has an equal chance (25%) at spawning one of the colors.

Though as they said, this could change.


Multigun you spoiled the fun of our empirical testing!

But that settles it then, the variations are pure coincidence then. I think Funcom will add variantes later, for now its horse RNG for us!

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Welp, we have a patch to look forward to then :slight_smile: I was worried there would not be any more patches and all.

Then there is no sense leveling more than one horse to maximum after the update until the “possible” future patch to make the sturdy and swift foals different.

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That was my plan. I just picked the highest combo of Vitality and Agility for now

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Doesn’t Strength provide a buff to the rider when using mounted combat such as lance? I know you lean towards Archery.

I have no idea. I just assumed those stats were for the horse alone, like if you were dismounted and it was fighting along side you.

I think that’s a safe assumption. The horse only provides additional damage in the form of added momentum (speed).

edit: This is apparently wrong. See below.

At 31:15, they discuss the horse’s Strength will increase Character Damage when at full speed and horse’s Accuracy will increase Character Accuracy with Bow.


They do say that, you’re right.

As Jens stated, “Why would a horse need accuracy?” :slight_smile:

Weeeeelll… sure. But let me counter with a couple of randomly selected other why’s: why would a thrall need Survival? Why does my beloved Black Dragon armor give Grit, a completely worthless stat for Thralls?

Point being there are many subpar-to-useless combinations in this game, a horse with accuracy would just be one more - though it certainly appears it isn’t (necessarily) one.