Foal Preferred Food?

So, animals in the animal pens all have a preferred food, which entails combining one type of food with shadebloom…

Anyone find out if Foals have a preferred food yet? TYIA.

Edit: I have found shadespiced highland berries seem to take - any others?

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As far as I understand, the “preferred food” for pets in the animal pen gives you the chance of getting the “greater” variant of that pet. I’d love to be proven wrong, but horses don’t seem to have a greater variant, so simple fiber should do the trick.

What I would love is some food that speeds up the rearing process.

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I found a sturdy foal and a swift foal, so that is something. And shadespiced plant fiber won´t work.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they said on dev stream that the sturdy foal and swift foal both simply grow up to be a horse. Does anyone know if there is any difference in stats for the resulting horses?

Not that I’ve found yet…

And on the original question, I think you may be correct. It’s chance for greater in animal taming, not speed… I’ll try and test it. Who knows, maybe they ninja tweaked it XD

Yes please, speed food

Well, as far as I’ve found via the admin panel, no greater version of the horse :frowning: Someone may know otherwise…

Guess we can hope for that at some point. And maybe a speed boost to taming.

I have raised swift, sturdy and regular foals now and they all grow up to be horses. Still haven’t found out how to get my white horse. :frowning:

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You must have the DLC Riders of Hyborian to get the feat to craft the special food for black or white horses.

I just finished going through the whole process:

  1. Make sure your feat is there. I know you said you had the DLC, but it’s good to double-check if everything is installed and working properly :wink:

  1. Don’t place the horse yet! Keep it in your inventory.
  2. Craft tainted fodder in your firebowl cauldron. You’ll need 1 gruel, 1 yellow lotus and 1 aloe.

  1. Once you have your horse and your tainted fodder in your inventory, look up “White Horse” in your handcrafted recipes and craft it. My examples show black instead of white, but that’s just my preference – it’ll work for white horses too.

  1. Place your horse.


That works exactly like Yamataï, Frontier and Turanian pet food.

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We used the Asura Glory plant, had to make 2 stalls (one per stall), The sturdy got a butt load of health. plain foal got accuracy and agility.
Going in to do to two swifts.

Well, that’s interesting! I’m gonna have to go try that now too. Thanks!!

Thank you thank you thank you! If you ever come play on The Grind House, I’ll give you a big kiss. This was driving me nuts! I had the tainted fodder but I was trying to feed it to them in the stable while they grew.

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