Direction of Sun in game

I’m puzzled why in game the sun rises in the SW and sets in the SE.

Typically it should be dawn in the east and dusk in the west.

Of course with the position of the Earth this shifts somewhat (wont get into the details).

But my gripe is why? Why oh why can’t the sun rise in the east and set in the west?

Now that’s a bug that needs fixing! Lol thanks for listening to my rant

I once saw someone comment on the idea of the map not actually being positioned according traditional direction… like it’s actually rotated. They even decided upon a location based on the original lore’s map. So, hypothetically, if that’s the case, what you perceive as north, south, east, and west, may actually not be, thereby making the position of the sun correct. Anyway, just a possibility… no one knows for sure without Funcom’s confirmation.

So there is a mod that makes the sun follow a natural trajectory (drachenfeles’s weather visuals) and if you use it you will notice that the natural path makes the valleys and canyons appear very dark and during high noon the players face is shadowed heavily. I think its awesome that way of course, but it always led me to the conclusion that the sun path was altered in the base game for lighting reasons.

Ugh except maps are always oriented North is top. Then in that case the maps are upside down. So it still doesn’t jive :frowning:

So I shake my fists at the funcom gods for not adjusting the map! Lol

I’m on Xbox unfortunately:(

That’s typically true, but not necessarily true in this case. There’s no compass on the map and it’s an ancient civilization. Typically in ancient civilizations, people looked at elevation as more important factor… just look at upper and lower Egypt, based upon the flow of the river, not the location on a map. So it’s plausible. Anyway, I’m not saying you’re wrong, just saying we don’t know for certain. Granted, it could be something as simple as better lighting like the other person commented. :thinking:

I’m less saying “use the mod” and more explaining why I think its a deliberate choice on funcom’s part. The natural path is not for everyone. The moon is normal which further boosts the argument that its a deliberate lighting choice.

The Great Cataclysm shifted the axis of the world.

I dont know I’m just making sh*t up

Ok thanks for the replies. Makes sense and good ideas cataclysm lol though I will still forever pray for a more relatable east west thing lol old dog

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