Sun Rises in the South, Sets in the North?

Skybox issue that’s been in game since Day 1 and no Dev response?

I was tooling around checking out the small pet pen (is basically the same base as the horse pen, when I noticed the Sun sets almost directly north according the Map.

After double checking, it appears that it actually rises from about 10-15 degrees off due south and the same about off on the north. Noon appears to be directly West on the map.

(I’m pretty sure that the Moon uses the exact same path.)

I’m NOT the first to spot this and I vaguely remember it in the past. It could have been just a weird ‘in game’ map thing, except we are told to go north to the snow areas, etc. (edit: And east to the jungle city)

I really looks like the skybox for the Sun/Moon is just randomly rotated 90 degrees clockwise (if you were looking down on the lands from the sky). I can’t imagine any reason other than it breaks something in the game.

Since they seem to be doing some pretty indepth clean up, is this something that could be fixed?


I’m not sure how complex it would be to fix, since it very well could be connected to some other stuff. Little things like that though, I usually chalk up to different worlds or cultures or whatnot. IRL, some ancient maps actually have north pointing anywhere but up.

Going with that explanation, that the map is rotated from current conventions, i can interpret that Siptah must be very far into the southern hemisphere. ‘north’ must be at the lower right corner of the map. it seems like the sun in Siptah is always low on the horizon, rises in the ‘south’ (bottom of the map) and sets in the ‘east’ (right side of the map).

Until it’s stated otherwise I will maintain the position this was a conscious choice to add to the ‘wrongness’ of the Exiled Lands. It’s a place that’s been devastated by sorcery. It’s not much of a stretch for the observable movements of celestial bodies to be wrong when dealing with an area that also has time-loop locked sandstorms, twisted malformed trees-that-aren’t-trees that are constantly silently screaming, ghosts, demons, and other various nasty things.


That’s not wrong, and the best way to look at many things. For my part i love the eternal silent screaming trees, their very inspiring. :grinning:

it’s like one parameter
I have it corrected in SW

I’m sure it is. I just don’t know if altering that parameter would cause other things to break.

No one mentioned the sun or moon not following the path that is outside the exiled land. And all directions given to you by npcs actually match the mall for north, south, ready and west.

And I’m pretty sure the novels have the sun and moon act pretty normally.

It’s just a glitch that no one seems to really care to fix.

I do wonder how much it would actually change the ambiance of some areas.

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Just because someone doesn’t specifically mention every single thing doesn’t mean it isn’t intentional. As was mentioned earlier, this is literally a fix that requires changing a single thing and isn’t the kind of mistake even a rank amateur would make when creating a worldspace. If that doesn’t say ‘intentional environmental design decision’ I don’t know what does.

no it just sets offset to sun trajectory so you cam move it around at 360 degrees
Funcom has it at 90 degrees in Exiled Lands for some odd reason, all it takes is to set it to 0

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RE: trees, reading the lore around then reveals they once even … but that would be telling, wouldn’t it.

Remember, the warmaker decreed it to be a natural phenomena after all, totally unrelated to the war.


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:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

It was set to 90 degrees because of the magic of the Exiled Lands actually creating an illusion of where the Sun rises and sets. It’s part of why it’s so hard to escape.

Just kidding. But that could be a reason, right?

The whole stellar situation is part of my roleplaying. My character is assembling magicians and scientists to study the phenomena. Maybe it is the key to lift the spell over the exiled lands, who knows.

no lore data as far as I can tell
no official explanation given
no sense astronomically

it’s a bug


The moon trajectory along with its lighting effects was “fixed” in one of the recent updates . (Although we’re looking at the dark side of the moon now and I see no lunar procession).
However, the sun trajectory has always been that way since I first set foot in the Exiled Lands a few years ago.

I guess they have been busy dealing with far more pressing issues such as buildings collapsing? Why does the direction even matter? Why does everything have to be realistic?

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Because generally speaking realism is what makes the game world more believable and thus more immersive and enjoyable. That said, the sun traveling across the sky in the “wrong” direction is far less of an issue than, say for example, a bunch of characters standing around in a T-pose.


Yet if it’s an easy fix as it is said, why not do it?

I have it on good authority that it’s very likely neither the exiled lands nor any of its inhabitants truly exist. We are but figments of a dream

After all, do you have any memories of the world you came from before waking up on that cross?

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