Direwolf Spawned INSIDE my base, killed me and my 2 Perfomers


just now a Direwolf spawned INSIDE my base and killed me and my 2 Performers while I was checking the browser.

FIRST: it impossible it entered, as my base is T3, and all the doors were closed.

SECONDLY: I have tons of guards AROUND my base and everything should die before even THINKING about enterning.

FINALLY: Direwolf spawn far from my base. It may be kited near, but then it should engage the guards outside, not enter a base it shouldn’t be able to enter.

Now I want to know HOW THE F*CK this guy entered. Funcom must explain now.
Because it’s not possible that one loses thralls this way.

And no, it’s not purge (purge meter is about half).

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Goddammit I even lost 2 cimmerian berskers.
They were both lv.13 with epic heavy armors and dragonbone 2h swords !

Now I want to know what the f*ck happened.

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Probably he got aggro on someone inside, i have a base near a deer spawn and frequently a crazy deer breakthru the base. I dont know how but is funny

I check the event lot: the 2 Fighters were killed by Rotbranch (which I never kited near my base).
This has happened 2 different times.

This is just to show how toxic can be this game community, even in PVE:

I have one, too. It is no aggro, so it is just funny. I have found it like everywhere in my base

So far since the 3.0 update I have had 5 T4 thralls in epic armor using legendary weapons getting killed inside my base.
My base is close to the Locust queen spawn at the oasis, and while she had been aggroed by the presence of thralls there before she never was able to get through the walls, now she is.
I witnessed it myself since she sometimes walk near my base walls, and I did a test getting her aggro on me through the wall, she wiggled around at the wall and suddenly she was inside the base, so I am convinced that this is a new thing :slight_smile:
For now my problem is solved by moving all thralls away from the wall facing her area and into an area where she will warp back to her nest because of too long distance, not optimal but it works :slight_smile:

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Ok, but Rotbranch is NOT near my base.
It’s like … 600-700 meters away.

I didn’t I even think it was near enough to get kited there.
That’s why I say it is intentional.

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Ok that is like crazy far away, maybe someone who had a rocknose purge led it to your base to save their own?
Still that distance sound like it should not happen, but then again, the 3.0 is filled with weird bugs and glitches, so nothing is impossible :grin:

They are coming through the Walls !! Run for your lives !!! Noooo they just got Jimmy! D**n you evil beasts! You will paaaaaay!!

I seriousness though OP that sucks and I hope it doesn’t happen again to you.

This happens to me all the time. A gazelle just casually perusing my smithy.

Then again, a couple of years ago I found the Reptilian monstrosity boss in my bedroom. That was decidedly not funny. I don’t know how he even got in - even if the doors were open, he couldn’t fit through. He did leave the premises in small bits and pieces after I was through with him, but the stench lingered for weeks afterwards.


Hey man, we’ve all had Saturdays with a dozen drinks too many, but still - that’s harsh.

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