Disappearing Frost Giant

Game mode: Online | official PVE-C 2509
Problem: Bug
Region: New Asgarth

Around 1255pm on July 29th I had my level 17 Frost Giant disappear on me around New Asgarth. He does not show up in the logs neither does the items I had on him show up as disappearing. I sat outside at a base for 10 minutes while I went to the bathroom and come back and he was no longer following me as well as no where to be seen. He does not show up on my follower list anymore. Nothing in the game except a few world bosses were able to kill him. He had over 10k health and one shot just about everything.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Obtain Frost Giant
  2. Level up Frost Giant
  3. Stand in place around or in New Asgarth
  4. Wait for him to disappear

I have screen shots on Xbox showing that he does not appear in my logs as dying and that he is not in my thrall list also

Hello @Shaggy21, thank you for your report, could you please let us know the exact time of when this happened (including timezone)?

12:55 pm eastern US time on july 29th

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