Disappearing furniture

Is anybody else having a problem with random furniture objects which have been placed disappearing? Frustrating it’s been my bed on several occasions (luxurious bed). I’ve noticed similar issues posted by PS and Xbox players, and was wondering if any other PC players were experiencing this.

Yes, my brother and I have this problem. We were still building our base when we started to put items down like mugs and plates and candles. We noticed everytime you place a new foundation or wall piece or take one down, something would disappear. So we stopped placing stuff until the build was done.

From what I am hearing…it’s placeables being placed on placeables that are the issue. This includes rugs. I know fc knows about it…I’m not sure where they are with solutions.

It’s a poltergeist - it’s extra-dimensional blowback from FC’s unsanctioned dabbling into sorcery.

Seems like it’s related to this bug:

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I know this bug was reported years ago. It clearly has been ignored. Just glad we had someone in another clan tell us what to do to avoid issues. Don’t stack items on stations as it decreases the decay timers and don’t stack chests on each other. Now with the new building pick up QoL update, pick up your items before you remove building pieces.

From what’s been said here in various forum threads, my own experiences, and various bug reports: Stacking chests on top of each other and/or placing them on crafting tables doesn’t affect anything nor increase the probability of them disappearing.

I have stacked chests, they sit right next to a nemedian shelf. Nothing goes missing from the chests. I have had to replace things on the shelf though now twice…and I have had to replace things on my table a few times.

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All of what I stated above has happened to me as my own personal experience. You can find threads stating the same for others. I’m not really sure what your point is.


Greetings everyone,

We are aware of this issue where some stacked placeables are losing stability. Our teams are currently looking into this and hope to be able to improve the stacked placeables in one of our future updates so please keep an eye out for that.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigate further.


Thanks for reaching out, Dana. This game looks beautiful, the music is a delight to listen to while playing, and the tricky bugs and glitches do seem to be familiar issues in past games. I hope there’s some kind of archive database open to developers… Like a Dev’s bug Bible, where known bugs that have been before have been documented and learned about and shared within the industry?

Kind of like how medicine has progressed over the centuries. It’s very nice that some people are here to reach out to the player base and keep a line open.

So thanks for that, Dana.

It would be amazing if there was such a data base that existed for devs, no matter which company it is, they can share bug reports and fixes to keep the industry healthy. Time is one expensive currency in game development. Bug fixes are a heavy price to pay and I appreciate what the guys do. Thanks from me.

ps: just pop a good word in for us about weapon dyes will you? Cheers LOL!

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