Disappearing gold

Server 1004 official
I was smelting some gold into bars then coins. It smelted all my godstone into 13 bars and did the first bar as coins then stopped. I restarted the smelter and it should have smelted the rest for a total of 65 coins. When it got to smelting the last bar all of a sudden all my coins disappeared and 2 bars got added to the list. Instead of 65 lovely shiny gold coins (enough for me to be able to build a map room on my southern base), I ended up with 15 and the feeling that I had been robbed.

It turns ore into ingots, ingots into coins and then it turns coins back into ingots at a huge loss.

I just threw some coins in the furnace but didn’t let the melting finish. It converts 30 coins to 1 ingot.

We had the same problem and lost several hundred.

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