Disapperaing Dancer thrall next to the Derketo trainer - single player

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Every time I have gone to the Lemurian camp where the Derketo trainer is located, the dancer that is on her right will disappear within 30 to 45 seconds after I enter. I knocked out the named dancer that is located there - Fleetfoot - and he disappeared from the wheel after I placed him there.

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  1. I enter the area where the trainer is standing.
  2. The dancer will get stuck behind the pole for the awning.
  3. 30 to 45 seconds later the dancer will disappear.

She falls into ground, do to walking into pole.

Sometimes she teleports past it, other times walks around it. If you go below, you can see her stuck floor, dirt sometimes. XD

One to right, (when entering area) will fall thru floor sometimes to.

2 in main floor kneeling, 1 to right (dancer)(who argo’s and de-argo’s cause he cant get down) two to right of trainer. (which is one of ones who falls thru floor) other tends to rush forward and not get stuck.

That whole area seems super buggy for NPCs.

I’ve been farming that spot just recently, and have experienced the following…

  1. As the OP mentioned, the dancer at the back will usually fall through the ground if given enough time. Sometimes I could find them (alive) on the beach below, other times they seemed to be stuck in the rock/undermesh (the battle music would occasionally get triggered when I went down there looking for them, but they wouldn’t show up). I learnt to work around this by bee-lining straight for the dodgy dancer and killing before they had a chance to do their vanishing act. I can now do this quick enough that they rarely get a chance to disappear on me anymore. I can safely ignore the other dancer given that…

  2. The other dancer (on the immediate right when entering the pagoda) is unable to leave the ledge it spawns on. It is always stuck on there, I’ve never had it come down and be able to attack me.

  3. I’ve had many unconscious soon-to-be-thralls disappear when I try to put the rope on them, on the hilltop immediately to the left of the pagoda (ie the middle spawn-camp). Including one of the tier 4 thralls I was so patiently farming for… This only seems to happen at this camp/spot, but it does happen regularly and makes farming for named thralls a rather nail-biting, frustrating experience. Oh fantastic, yay I’ve finally spawned and knocked out Aisss, now will she disappear when I try to bind her…yes, yes she will.

  4. Occasionally, the 2 NPCs at the far-right (western) camp will perform a strange rapid gliding motion as if sling-shot towards me when aggro’d. They shoot past me at the wall of the pagoda before righting themselves and coming after me.This last one is rare however. Only happened 2 or 3 times that I can remember.

  5. Many of the NPCs in the area don’t appear to be aggroing properly.
    a) The 2 fighter/archer pair at the entrance of the pagoda will usually just look passively on while I murder one of them, and even while I take the time to loot & harvest in plain sight not 5 meters away. I realise the aggro range can be a bit immersion breaking throughout the game, but this is so egregious that I think it is bugged. These two are super close to each other. Certainly not working as intended.
    b) The two sitting NPCs at the aforementioned middle camp will usually ignore my presence completely, including when I club/stab their buddy. Other times, they will try to run away rather than fight, even suiciding off the cliff a few times to splatter on the ground below. Weird.
    c) The dancer on the immediate right when entering the pagoda will easily lose aggro and start squirming again, possibly related to it being stuck on the ledge.
    d) The fighter at the base of the stairs leading into the pagoda will get aggro’d and go charging after me (as I beeline for the 2 archers on the cliff-side) and run past me to the location I was coming from. This enables me to calmly dispatch, loot & harvest the 2 archers without harassment, before going back to finish off the fighter who is almost invariably hanging out/wandering back from the direction I had come from (ie towards the sole archer ‘guarding’ the top of the slope leading up to the plateau on which the pagoda sits).

You might want to give this area some attention Funcom.

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