Disconnected from server any time ANYTHING happens

My base is currently getting purged by rock noses. And I’m sitting here trying repeatedly to log back in, but I just get disconnected over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Nah it’s cool I’ll just sit here and lose everything because the servers can’t even handle 5 people total online at once when one person is getting purged??? almost as bad as blizzard servers smfh

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(the blizzard thing was a joke, don’t come for me. but don’t worry, even if you do I can’t do anything because I can’t even connect back to the server :))))) )

Do you have Golems?

Also is there a 3 skull boss attacking ?

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If you got the bugged rocknose purge that ends with multiple avalanches, you were going to lose it all anyway.

Just what error popped up?

Was it “you have been disconnected…”.
Or “connection has been lost”. Which is the new error everyone is on about.

When my internet goes down or the server crashes; an issue we are having on the private server I’m on, I get an "you have been disconnected check your … " error message. The other day I was being chased by a rotbranch I oops in to autowalking. Got this “connection has been lost” new error message to me, I believe that is the bug people are having.

My bad for thinking this was just a console thing.

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That completely blows. I fired up my PS5 a few minutes ago had not noticed earlier a tag saying I have put 5099 hours in to the game never had disconnects like this before we are avoiding purges. This needs fixing

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Yesterday I was standing on the roof of my base and saw someone fighting bears. And got disconnected. He too because I was earlier online and saw him offline. But his follower was fighting and it seems that he will lose because one was the one skull 4k hp bear. Helped him with my sand reaper queen. I saw that he is coming back online because his char stand up but than he was again sleeping. I think he got the disconnect while loading screen. I went back to do my roof stuff because it was pvp time and my sandreaper queen would attack him. :slight_smile:

30min later he was still offline but two hours later be was gone. I hope nobody killed him while offine. His follower was gone too so I think it went well.

The last days I got more disconnects than the previous 4 weeks. I think it’s getting worst.

I also read about it that golems can cause this. But if I was on farming tour with my golem i never get the disconnect. But with other followers.
Also I have the feeling that if I am at a distance where the npc not aggro me only my followers it don’t come to a disconnect. So I was thinking that aggro of npc on me causes this. But since this situation from yesterday I am not sure anymore. I was far away… I would say it was the border of renderdistance.

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Purges are causing issues on the official servers. Aside from the disconnection problem, there is also an extreme lag on the servers, and there’s a possibility that the purge can spawn inside your base and your thralls might be bugged. I’ve considered starting a thread here on the forum suggesting to pause purges until the performance issue on the official servers is resolved. However, I’m certain it would be an unpopular suggestion since it seems that people enjoy the purges. My purge meter has been full for a few days now, and I simply avoid logging into the game during purge hours. I’d rather not take the risk.

@cherixberry Give us an update on what happened. Did your base survive the Purge?

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