Disconnections ridiculous during purge

Connection repeatedly drops, especially during a purge on my base.

I do nothing other than log in and attempt to protect my base. Connection if lucky lasts a few seconds, if I get in at all during the purge. I have had 2 purges and this has happened both times, with at third due.


Welcome to the Forum. We are staying off server during purge timer for this reason disconnected is a :parasol_on_ground: Beach

disconnects during purge are ridicules atm. the last 2 days (did not play for a while 8) ) while helping other players with their purge its disconnect after disconnect for every player thats there.

Server side problem on official severs. Everyone on officials has experienced this.

Same on my dedicated server. Seems like it also disconnects ALOT while fighting mini world bosses like the Scorpion and so on. Stops after killing the boss.
Might have to do with a structure being nearby? But it gets me and my thralls killed because of this.

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