Discord Screen Share VERY Low FPS

Game version: PC
Type of issue: Performance
Mods: No

Bug Description:

When attempting to stream the game to discord screen share, the share is very laggy, even if the game is running smoothly with no issues.
This includes screen sharing the game in borderless, fullscreen, and windowed.
Quality changing also doesnt seem to matter or help anything.
Tried Admin mode, verifying files, and changing all possible settings around in game. The only promising change was going to the graphics and resolution and setting the game to 1280x720 16:9. This caused the share to be better but still about 5fps and would eventually go back to its .5 fps or less.
Game seems to share fine when not focused.
Tested other games at the same time like rocket league, chrome screen share, unity, and vrc. All ran without a hitch and did not lag on the screen share in discord.


For crash reports please make sure you add as much inforamtion as possible. Also add any crash logs you might have. The support team will also follow up on the issue and they might request additional inforamtion in order to properly address this issue.

Steps to Reproduce:

No real steps aside from the basics.
Open game
Start screen capture of game on discord.
Tab back to game
Watch screen share die via someone else sharing their discord of your stream.

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