Dismalteling 1 block, destroys another

Game mode: [Online : Private Server]
Problem: [Bug Misc]
Region: [USA]

I found a single Foundation piece (The FIrst block I placed as it happens) and noticed that the two ceilings above the foundation piece were also rotated. Im only including this incase it’s important for identifying the bug.
I went to dismantle the newly rotated piece and heard a block somewhere else break.
Sure enough, A different foundation piece broke taking the wall with it.

The original rotated block remained, and I could try again… again, a new foundation piece broke instead of the rotated block.

On and on and the original rotated block remains.

My thinking is the Block Order somehow got rewritten to that the “0” block is no longer “0”.

Anyway, My hope is there is a way to fix this so I wont have to rebuild my entire castle.

Side Notes (incase it’s important):
I’m using Insulated Wood Blocks.
My build is big and has lots of Deco and Work benches.
There are some Sandstone blocks as well as I use cheap Sandstone Blocks to “Sketch out” my building and replace them with Upgraded Blocks.

I hope there is some help for this.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find a Pre-Patch block
  2. Dismantle it
  3. Look for a dismantled area somewhere in the same building.
  4. Sigh.