Dismantling bench BROKEN


Did the following short tests with the dismantling bench:

Dismantle Insulated wood = 1 dry wood 2 resin = Unlimited resin but making insulated wood with a carpenter only costs 1 resin = Unlimited resin

Dismantle iron reinforcement = 2 iron bars = Unlimited iron since ironreinforcements costs 1 iron to make when using a blacksmith

Dismantle flawless steel mace with a level 4 blacksmith gives 19 steel but only costs 12 steel to make… Thus Unlimited steel

Disassembe 1 hide gives 2 hyena pelt and then 2 hyena pelts gives 3 hide in the armor bench = Unlimited hide and hyena pelts…

Also, the number of items you can but into a dismantling bench looks like 5 in the GUI but a vertical scrollbar appears when putting in more so conclusion is that you can put in an unlimited number of items. Is this intentional?


  1. Check all disassembly for things that can be made with a “discount”. You forgot to take thralls into consideration when making items.
  2. Test ALL Items in the game so it does not give MORE than it costs to make them…

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