Dismantling Bench gives carcases

Put a feather in the Dismantling bench by accident. Got a carcass back.

The Iron bars returned Iron ore.

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I’ve done it. I’ve created an infinite stone/crystal generator

One crystal dismantles into a rocknose carcass. One rocknose carcass in the fluid press turns into ten stone and ten crystals. Repeating process generates infinite and exponential crystals, with stone as a byproduct.

EDIT: Upon further playing, it also dismantles various pelts into their respective carcasses, creating infinite dead animals.

EDIT EDIT: Live animals break into their cubs, giving do-overs of getting greaters.

Yeah, someone posted about this already. It has this problem with a lot of things. Carcasses, pelts, gold bars, crystals, all kinds of stuff.

It seems very broken. I can generate infinite hardened steel without ever leaving my house.

Well it is brand new, so it’s not unexpected. In fact up until a day or two ago it was nothing more than a placeholder object in the admin panel.

You can also revive cooked fish into live ones. :slight_smile: - I love the bench and look forward to it being balanced. Being able to ‘recycle down’ is great.


Did the following short tests with the dismantling bench:

Dismantle Insulated wood = 1 dry wood 2 resin = Unlimited resin but making insulated wood with a carpenter only costs 1 resin = Unlimited resin

Dismantle iron reinforcement = 2 iron bars = Unlimited iron since ironreinforcements costs 1 iron to make when using a blacksmith

Dismantle flawless steel mace with a level 4 blacksmith gives 19 steel but only costs 12 steel to make… Thus Unlimited steel

Disassembe 1 hide gives 2 hyena pelt and then 2 hyena pelts gives 3 hide in the armor bench = Unlimited hide and hyena pelts…

Also, the number of items you can but into a dismantling bench looks like 5 in the GUI but a vertical scrollbar appears when putting in more so conclusion is that you can put in an unlimited number of items. Is this intentional?


  1. Check all disassembly for things that can be made with a “discount”. You forgot to take thralls into consideration when making items.
  2. Test ALL Items in the game so it does not give MORE than it costs to make them…

Is that dismantling bench a good idea? The server im in and invested months already got ruined by malicious hackers and I’m worried that this thing will not be fixed entirely, that this thing could be a another griefer’s “tool”. And I’m already waiting for the remaining of this group of criminals to be gone so i can finally play and repair, but now there’s new content for them to explore, and Im not sure if they will be completely gone, there’s very little people left.

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It is on TestLive and is a player requested Idea. Based on what I have seen, it is not supposed to take a feather for example and give you a carcass. Funcom is aware of the issue and I expect we will see changes on how this bench works.

Hey there,

Thanks everybody for the feedback. Please don’t forget to post these issues in our focus thread here:

It does help us greatly to track down all these issues!

I agree, the more i read, it is more of a redo tool than a dismantling bench. An it opens itself to a new duping mechanic. Really need this ironed out before it ever sees live servers. When i first read there was going to be a recycle station, i thought of something much simpler and limited. Something that gave some basic mats for loot you didn’t want from NPC’s / Raids (a lttle use for what one considers trash and just drops). Now it seems like a farming tool that removes most of the survival aspect of going into the wild for mats of any kind.

I saw a comment from one of the Dev’s in the CE modding Discord that it has been fixed. I am not sure if it has been updated/patched to TestLive. have not tested that yet.

No testlive update but yes the devs have fixed some of the current dismantling bench ‘features’.
the fixed version will only accept weapons, armor pieces and building parts. the outcome is reduced to 40% of the base crafting costs. weapons and armor pieces of altars are under investigation (source: modding discord).

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