Dismantling nerf?

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Hell’s Gate Returns

Bug Description:

The dismantling bench (using the improved version) no longer outputs the greatly increased rates from the Age of War update. Single player or private server, PS5 or Steam. I assume this is a bug and not intentionally reverted as the increase had just been introduced.

Bug Reproduction:

Dismantling an item.

You’re on a private server. Check the settings on the boosted rates weren’t reset after the patch. There were never any increases to dismantling in the AoW update.



FML… I didn’t get that far again. I really need to read that whole thing one of these days. I was at work when I read it and had to stop. Nvm then.

Not to mention I stated single player as well. I know my dismantling bench, love that thing. Especially the improved one.

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Improved only dismantles at twice the speed and has 50% more inventory. However, you can fit three normal Dismantling Benches in the same space as a single Improved, and three normal Dismantling Benches will dismantle 50% faster and have twice the inventory space as one Improved.

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Perhaps you should check again. The standard bench gives 10 star metal for a pick, the improved gives 12 plus like 3 shaped wood. Not only does the improved give more quantity it also provides more components. A heavy padding will give hardened leather in a standard, you get that and elephant hide in an improved. Yeah the footprint sucks though.

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Perhaps you are thinking of the tanners table vs the improved in which case you are basically spot on
That thing isnt really useful except maybe for roleplaying aesthetics.

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I did and you are right and also wrong. You do actually get slightly more from Improved, I do not know if that was changed at some point or if I was just misinformed about how they worked.

However, you are wrong that they give different components.

Star Metal Pick:
Standard = 10 Star Metal, 2 Shaped Wood
Improved = 12 Star Metal, 2 Shaped Wood

Perfected Heavy Padding:
Standard = 13 Hardened Leather, 5 Elephant Hide
Improved = 16 Hardened Leather, 6 Elephant Hide

The standard definitely did not previously. So maybe they only intended to increase outputs of the standard bench. The improved was giving like 17 bars after the update, now down to 12. If thats intended then the improved is barely worth the increase in footprint. Prior to the update I think the standard gave roughly 7 bars and I think the improved was indeed giving 12 then.

Noticed the nerf too bro.

On an unrelated note, man this forum seems to attract people who are wrong but will not hesitate to correct someone. Happened twice in this thread alone

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On an unrelated note, this forum also attracts people that like to chime in with irrelevant notes that contribute zero to the conversation except negativity. I stated I was mistaken. Leave it at that. Don’t be so negative.

They seem fairly inconsistent on recieving reports too. Threads after mine got marked as report recieved. So either it isnt a bug and they didn’t respond and say so or they just bypassed mine. Seen others that seemingly got passed over as well.

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