Displays of Wealth

Just had a thought while doing some further organization in my storage room…

Similar to how the thrall pot and feed box reflect the amount of food in them, how about a coffer that would fill and overflow the more silver and gold you heaped into it? I’m thinking it could be a cool effect to have these heaped around one’s throne or in our storage rooms.

Also, perhaps add a new feat called goldmonger (iron monger pre-req) with which we can craft fancier decanters, bowls, plates, etc. using silver and gold. Naturally, it should be possible for these to be melted-down again in hard times, or if we’re raided.

Likewise, it would be cool if we could ornament our epic armors to distinguish them from the mundane variety. gold filigree, etched breastplates, etc.

I’d happily pay for such content in a DLC were you to go that route, though naturally, I’d expect it to contain lots of other goodies as well (armor stands, ornamental windows, peacock pets, more statuary, etc.)


I would love to melt down your gold pots and pans into gold coin.



Yeees, envy and greed to stoke the man-made purges! :smiley:

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