Why can’t we place ingots/bars?

I’m into building a lot, especially when I’m not raiding. But I have so many bars, gold, silver, iron, starmetal, harden steel, etc.

Why can’t we place them down and/or Stack them? I mean, I personally like the idea of having a vault or vault room and money (gold bars, gold coins silver bars, silver coins) just stacked around it.


Probably should move this into suggestion category. Or offer this bit of knowledge in the things you would like to see thread.

Mods off the top of my head that I think offer decorative placeables (though just decorative as far as I know) would be Emberlight and one of the Savage Steel mods. Not positive about either one, but I know there is at least one mod that offers decorative money placeables.

That would be Emberlight. And the ‘money’ placables are not just decoration, they work as storage as well.

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I like that idea.

I’d like to but the bug with the food buffs not being applied because thralls don’t eat is an issue.

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