Divest & Plunder Nanite Improved


Looking on the internet, the Nanite improved nanocrystals for the traders are given in the DB Quest according to Auno and the !nano search in Bot shows DB quest also but after having completed the DB quest including Informant last night, I can say that they certainly don’t.

Can anybody tell me where the Nanite Improved (not the nanite enhanced from LE) Divest/Plunder nanos come from.

It isnt the AI Cubes, it isnt in Pen G, doesnt come from DB Quest. I am currently at a loss.

Thanks in advance to any replies.


what about the db quest addon after you’ve killed aune?


Yes I just found that quest :slight_smile: it is the second questline with Coursey. I forgot all about that quest line. It is DB quest after all.

Thank you for the response :slight_smile:
Guess I need to find a DB2 team to get Deus Ex Machina done :slight_smile: