Diving Animation should not prevent climbing

So today, I jumped and un-intentionally used the diving animation next to a wall I wanted to grab and climb on. Due to the diving animation, I couldn’t grab on the wall, and thus I fell to my demise, dying pathetically and breaking my neck like an idiot who can’t see the difference between water and stone :melting_face:

I suggest that the diving animation, which is just pure fluff, should still let you grab on walls as normal when active. That’s all, simple :+1:

You want to grab a wall with while falling head first? No, it’s definitely working as intended.

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I feel that someone at Funcom has played Assassins Creed a little to much and forgot that this game is about Conan.

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I can tell you more, it looks like diving animation actually multiplies fall damage by a lot! :scream:
Broke my character’s neck while diving down a sand dune. Returned back and repeated the jump normally - took only a small amount of fall damage.

So, yeah, dive only when you actually going to dive in deep water, just like irl. :astonished:

I think they were playing Dark Souls too much and added walk, pot healing animations to conan

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